UPS offering bonus incentives to part-time workers through July 29

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- UPS employees in Louisville could earn $250 bonuses each week this summer -- just for showing up. 

The bonuses are for part-time package handlers at the Worldport Air Hub who were hired after Jan. 1. Part-time employees usually work 20 hours a week.

Day shift workers can earn a $150 bonus, while night shift workers are eligible to earn a $200 bonus.

Employees who work Sunday shifts can earn an extra $50.

The bonuses are on top of the regular pay rate of $10.35 an hour. UPS says the extra incentive helps attract the best workers. 

"We need employees -- we know it's a competitive job market," said UPS Public Relations Manager Jim Mayer. "This is a way to make a good deal even better to bring those people in to come work for us."

The bonus program starts this weekend and goes through July 29.

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