911 calls released from Adair Co. pipeline explosion

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- For the first time since a massive gas line explosion rocked a small community in Adair County, Ky., we're hearing the calls for help from local residents.

Dispatch: "Adair County dispatch."

Caller 1: "It looks like there's a terrible fire somewhere close to me. There's red in the sky and a terrible roaring noise."

It's just after 1 a.m. on February 13. Families in the normally quiet town of Knifley are jogged from their sleep by a massive explosion.  

Dispatch: "We got multiple calls and we got every fire department we have in route."

Caller 2: "What is it? Do you know what it is?"

Dispatch: "We don't know yet."

Caller 2: "I'm just in a state of panic."

Dispatch: "If you think you're in danger, then get out."

Home video shows that those living in and around Knifley saw massive flames near the place where a natural gas line ruptured.

People from across the area call to report what they're seeing -- the phones in the dispatch center ringing non-stop.

Caller 3: "There is this huge fire. It's making the sky orange."

Caller 4: "There's been a massive explosion and fire."

Caller 5: "At Union Church Road there's a big flames shooting about 30..."

Dispatch: "Union Church Road?

Caller 5: "Yes. It's like 50 foot flames! It blowed up!"

The blast rattles windows and shakes the ground.

At the scene, just about 12 minutes later, emergency personnel arrive on the scene.

Emergency Personnel: "I can see this from the house. (inaudible) It's a big flame. It looks like maybe it's a gas line going up in the air."

Dispatch: "We've gotten several calls about the pipeline area. It's going to be coming from the pipeline area."

Personnel from the Columbia pipeline group say it was a 30-inch pipe that burst.

The line that caused this was one of three lines that run through Adair County.

Two people were injured trying to escape their burning home.

Analysis shows the operator of the Adair County pipeline is among the industry's most penalized.

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