Charlee Campbell's great-grandmother denounces Sheriff's theories about family custody battle

The Bullitt County Sheriff said he doesn't think Charlee Campbell was missing in the woods alone for 32 hours. But Charlee's great-grandmother tells WDRB there's another side to the story.

"It has been the most horrific thing my whole family has ever been through," said great-grandmother Lisa Chesher. "This whole scenario of them taking her, and hiding her, and then the FBI shows up and then they drop her off in the woods ... that's ridiculous."

Even though the toddler was found safe, Chesher says the nightmare isn't over yet.

"To see how my daughter and granddaughter are being painted by Sheriff Tinnell is not fair," she said.

On Monday, Sheriff Donnie Tinnell says he doesn't want to speculate, but thinks someone close to Charlee is responsible for her disappearance. The toddler lived with her grandparents.

"The little girl had scratches on her feet, dirty feet, and ticks on her. She was in those woods for some period of time. It didn't indicate to me she was in there for 36 hours," Tinnell said. "My suspicion is, there's a custody issue between mother and grandmother. I suspect maybe there's something going on that we don't know about yet."

"There's not a custody battle," said Chesher. "My granddaughter goes there every day with her baby and takes care of her."

Chesher has another theory of what happened to Charlee.

"She opened the door. She had just learned how to do the deadbolt the day before," she said.

Chesher says her daughter and Charlee's grandmother, Beth, is battling addiction and admitted to a recent relapse.

"She told Sheriff Tinnell that she was on the meth," Chesher said. "She didn't have to do that, but she did."

The Sheriff says he plans to pursue negligence charges in the case.

Right now, Charlee is in custody of Child Protective Services.

Chesher still thanks God that her great-granddaughter is safe.

"(Charlee) has a normal life, and she has people that adore her," Chesher said. "But my daughter definitely needs to get herself together and take care of herself."

So far, no criminal charges have been filed.


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