Christopher Broy Court - 1-10-19

CORYDON, Ind. (WDRB) -- A child predator who used social media to find young victims in southern Indiana is headed to prison.

The judge didn't have anything to say to Christopher Broy, when he sentenced him to 19 years in prison on Thursday.

The 41-year-old took a plea deal in Harrison County in January and pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct with a minor. The judge ruled that he will have to serve all that time with no probation. He will also have to register as a sex offender. The plea also means he cannot appeal. 

"I don't know if there's ever enough time that's adequate for someone that abuses children," says Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk. "This is what we wanted. A child predator is going to prison for a long time. And Harrison County and the state of Indiana is a little bit after because of it." 

Prosecutors say Broy would go on Facebook and Snapchat to ask for sexual favors from middle and high school girls in Harrison, Scott and Floyd Counties. Broy threatened them for nude pictures and sex. The victims were between the ages of 12 and 18.

Broy was sentenced to 20 years in Scott County on Feb. 14 on similar charges. And he was sentenced to six years and 14 years for two cases in Floyd County on Dec. 27.  All sentences will be served concurrently with the   19 years  he received in Harrison County.

Schalk says his office had numerous allegations from different people, but chose to go after the two charges that would be the strongest. He says those incidents happened between May and June of 2016, with a 14-year-old girl.

"At the end of the day, this is what happens when you abuse children. You go to prison," Schalk added. 

Broy was arrested in August 2016 in Louisville, after he went on the run and taunted police on Facebook to come find him. Schalk says Broy has no respect for authority. 

"He made it clear with his escapades as he was fleeing law enforcement and streaming his attempts at capture on Facebook." But Schalk says justice is finally catching up to him. "I hope that for at least the next 19 years that Mr. Broy knows that we don't hurt kids in Harrison County."

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