Christian Academy of Indiana

Christian Academy of Indiana 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Back to school season starts this week. Christian Academy of Indiana is one of the first schools in our area to go back, starting Wednesday, July 21.

"We are organizing the classroom, getting things set up, welcoming families as they bring in their supplies," said Amber Cook, the Principal of Christian Academy of Indiana Elementary.

The New Albany private school hosts classes for grades from pre-K through high school.

During a back-to-school orientation on Tuesday, students had a chance to meet their teachers, see their classrooms and bring in their school supplies.

The school starts as early as it does because it runs on a balanced calendar with two-week breaks for fall break, winter break and spring break.

School officials say they are constantly reviewing COVID guidelines. They're recommending that students under 12 years of age who aren't eligible to be vaccinated wear masks, and for unvaccinated adults to also wear masks.

"It is exciting," Cook said. "We're on the front lines of what this school year is going to be like and we trust that God has providence over that. He has blessed us in our preparations for the school year and we are being diligent to watch the situation to make decisions as needed, and to make decisions in transition."

The principal says there's an energy with having kids back in the building and preparations to start school on Wednesday.

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