City of Crossgate sues over relocation of Louisville VA hospital

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The small city of Crossgate has filed a federal lawsuit aimed at halting the move of the new VA hospital.

The lawsuit, filed last week, claims the Department of Veterans Affairs violated the National Environmental Policy Act when it selected the controversial site near the interchange of the Watterson Expressway and Brownsboro Road.

“We are hoping the veterans, the neighbors, and the taxpayers are given a fair shake,” Crossgate Mayor Kirk Hilbrecht said.

The suit claims VA did not properly consider environmental impacts at the site before selecting it nor did it properly consider alternative sites.

“This location and the way that the selection process and procurement process and now the build process are absolutely in violation,” Hilbrecht said.

VA Secretary David Shulkin signed the federal Record of Decision on Oct. 12 to move the facility for the aging Robley Rex Medical Center on Zorn Avenue.

That decision came after nearly a decade of controversy including multiple delays and deadline extensions.

“It just really doesn't make any sense, I’ve never heard anybody say, 'yes, all of this makes sense,’” Hilbrecht said.

The lawsuit also claims the agency acquired the land prematurely and before the environmental review process was complete.

The lawsuit presents just the arguments and assertions of the plaintiff. The VA does not comment on legal matters.

The suit asks for a judge to put a hold on construction that is set to begin next year on the new hospital.

The project has an expected completion date of 2024.

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