Clark County man clings to life after being shot in the face

MARYSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- There's not a lot excitement in rural southern Indiana near the Scott/Clark County line, and that's the way the people who live there like it.

But when something goes down a the shooting in a nearby garage, it takes the peace out of country living.

"Now you've got to secure your home, cameras, lock everything," said a family member of the victim, who wanted to remain anonymous. "It's just a shame."

Chris Hammill, 39, was shot in the face early Wednesday morning along State Road 362. The bullet entered just under his eye.

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said the minutes after the shooting were critical. When first responders got there, Hamill was able to utter the name of the alleged shooter.

"He was able to do this even though he was suffering from severe medical trauma at the time," Mull said.

Police in Nashville caught up with the alleged gunman, James Berna. They also found Dalton Skirvin and Alexander Jester with him. Hammill's family acknowledges his past problems with drugs but said he turned a corner. Hammill's fiancé said he knew the three suspects. She said shots were fired when Hammill turned the men away after a discussion about drugs.

No matter the reason, Hammill's loved ones pray he'll make it back to the country house he loves to fully recovery and eventually walk down the aisle.

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