Clarksville America's Best to be demolished

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Demolition of America's Best Inn & Suites is set to begin next week, with a proposed redevelopment on the horizon.

The Town of Clarksville purchased the motel and adjacent properties for nearly $5 million in July. 

Following demolition, Clarksville's town council plans to lease the property to a developer. The town's redevelopment commission has recommended that an indoor sports complex be constructed.

Councilman John Gilkey said the town is pursuing an indoor sports complex, as recommended by the redevelopment commission.

"It hinges on proposals we get by the end of November," he said.

Those proposals will come from the public, but Gilkey told WDRB News that the likelihood of that property being turned into an indoor sports complex are "fairly good."

Sports complex developers already have expressed interest, he said.

"This just seems like a really good opportunity," he added.

However, several Clarksville residents are pushing back on that idea via social media.

"Don't like your idea at that location ..." one Facebook comment directed at Gilkey read.

"Totally against a sport center proposal," another user posted.

Other comments echoed those feelings, and some worried about traffic impact.

Gilkey said the redevelopment commission did its homework and that he hopes Clarksville residents will come to trust its recommendation.

"(Public) input is extremely important, but at some point in time we have to go to the experts and take their input and make a determination as to what's realistic," he said.

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