Clarksville Police help deliver baby on side of road

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A Kentuckiana woman, expecting her second child, realizes she's in labor.

The only problem?

She and her husband were on I-65 in southern Indiana.

Clarksville Police helped deliver the baby and then both the mother and child were transported to Norton Hospital in downtown Louisville.

This is part of the 911 call that started it all:

"Clark County 911, what is the address of your emergency?"

"I am on Interstate 65, my wife's water has broken."

The couple was racing down Interstate 65 south on Saturday.

"You need to pull over right now," the 911 dispatcher told the husband.

The dispatcher suggested the couple stop in Sellersburg, but instead, the dad kept driving until he saw his daughter's head.

"I see the hair," he told the dispatcher.

That's when a dispatcher talked him through delivering the child.

"The head is out? You need to put the car in park and get around there," the dispatcher told the husband.

A short time later, Clarksville police arrive on the scene.

"I came running up and asked if mom was full term and the dad looked at me with this surprised look and when I looked down at his arms, he had just delivered the baby," said Corporal Jason Tackett with Clarksville Police.

Corporal Tackett has been hit by a car and involved in a shootout with a suspect, but neither compare to what he saw on Saturday.

"Think I was more nervous during this than the shooting," Tackett said. 

Tackett also said the father was holding the baby but the umbilical cord was still attached.

"We blocked off the umbilical cord and then dad cut the cord on the side of the road," he said. 

And soon, a sign from the newborn that everything was good.

"If she's crying, that is the best sound ever," the dispatcher said. 

"I said, you know, this will be a good story for your daughter one day -- that you were born on the side of the road," said Tackett.

The dispatcher asked the mother what the baby's name was and she responded, "Adeline."

"I will remember Adeline for the rest of my life, ma'am," the dispatcher said.

Police say at last check, both the mother and newborn were doing well.

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