Clinton comments about coal miners draw fire from Sen. Rand Paul

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul is going after Hillary Clinton's comments about putting coal miners out of work. 

Her comments came during a Sunday night town hall on CNN during a discussion about Clinton’s plan to train unemployed coal miners to work in the new clean energy industry.

“Because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” said Clinton.

It was enough for Kentucky Republicans, including Sen. Rand Paul, to pounce, first on his twitter feed, where he posted the video with the comment, “@HillaryClinton brags about destroying coal country. Just when I thought she couldn't be anymore unqualified...”

Later, following a town hall meeting with students at Valley High School, Paul spoke to reporters.

“I think when they make explicit that their goal is, and the result of their policies will be, that they'll be putting Kentuckians out of work, it's a difficult message to run on, I think, for them,” said Paul.

Paul says Clinton's comments can only help Kentucky Republicans, who have been hammering what they've called Pres. Obama's "war on coal" for years.

“It definitely doesn't help their cause, I think, to be promoting that their policies are going to cause more job loss in Kentucky,” said Paul.

Paul was less vocal in his criticism of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, and his handling of the increasingly violent protests at his rallies.

Paul preferred instead to focus on his efforts to broaden the GOP base.

“As far as the direction, I think we need to go, it needs to be more inclusive, not angry,” said Paul.

Paul did tangle with Trump during the presidential debates.

But with his White House run over, and his Senate re-election campaign gearing up, Paul is keeping his distance.

“I just don't think it helps the matter. I know it makes a good story, but I really want to be about talking about how I want to grow the party,” he said.

Paul insists he will not endorse any of the remaining contenders before the convention.

But WDRB News asked Paul whether he will support Trump if he is nominated.

“I am going to support the nominee,” he said.

Kentucky Democrats point out, that Clinton was talking about helping coal miners in the changing energy economy.

In a statement, party spokesman Daniel Lowry said Clinton is the first candidate with a plan to reinvest in eastern Kentucky.

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