LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- Convicted Heath High School shooter Michael Carneal has a new hearing date to find out whether he can withdraw his guilty plea.

Federal officials rescheduled Carneal's case for December 5th -- it had originally be set for a week from today.  The court is expected to decide whether Carneal waited too long to withdraw his guilty plea to killing three classmates and wounding five.

The shooting took place in 1997 at the high school near Paducah.

Prosecutors say the clock had run out by the time he wanted to withdraw the guilty plea in 2004.

Carneal's lawyers argue that his plea of guilty but mentally ill shouldn't have been allowed because he was too insane to assist his lawyers and understand the court proceedings when he made the plea.

They say it took years for medications to reduce the severity of his mental illness to the point that he could discuss the hallucinations he was having at the time of the shooting and the plea.

Defense lawyers have said if they can overturn Carneal's plea and sentence, he'll likely spend much of his life in a private mental facility instead of prison.

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