LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- As states reopen, Kentuckians and Hoosiers can do a lot more these days such as going to stores, restaurants and even churches.

The question is, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, should you?

We'll start with an easy one: going for a jog. It's considered a low-risk activity with no mask required.

"Things that people do individually, running, biking, I wouldn't be that concerned about," said Dr. Paul Schulz, an infectious disease specialist with Norton Healthcare. 

However, Schulz said people should avoid some outdoor exercises, such as basketball, where there's lots of contact. Even tennis, where the players are far apart, is a medium-risk activity, because they're touching the same ball, he said.

Say you want to stop at a store on the way home from the gym? With the steps they've been taken, Schulz said it's a low risk. And, he said, it would seem the same is probably true for going out to eat.

How about those pools? Even without a mask, Schulz said there's no problem if there's distancing both in the pool and out.

"You're taking away the mask, right? Right," Schulz said. "But, you're also taking away the mask at a restaurant. So, to me, I don't know how you're separating a pool from a restaurant."

Thinking about getting together with a neighbor or arranging a play date for the kids? If they and you have been mainly staying at home lately, Schulz said to go for it.

"Although you feel funny saying to your neighbor, 'Well, how safe have you been?'" Schulz said. "I know, this is where it gets really tricky, right? So, you start asking some questions that you never asked your neighbor before."

If your family has been staying home, Schulz said there's no reason you couldn't even visit with an older relative who can't wait to see those kids — assuming that relative is healthy.

Taking the kids to the playground where there are little ones they don't know, however, is not such a good idea.

"They don't understand social distancing," Schulz said. "They're not great about hygiene, typically."

Using a public restroom at that playground or anywhere else, however, can be a low risk — if you're careful.

"I wash my hands," Schulz said. "I try to use a paper towel to dry my hands and then use that to shut off the faucet and open the door."

If your church is taking recommended safety steps, Schulz said attending services is fairly safe.

On the other hand, nightclubs are a different ballgame.

"If you're really close, and there's someone who's infected, there's going to be transmission related to that," Schulz said.

All of Schultz's advice is assuming people have been distancing for weeks. With a little time, he said things could change.

"As everybody gets back to normal interaction, then there's going to be higher chance that this thing circulates," Schulz said. "And, the child that was safe a month ago may not be safe a month from now."

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