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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The president of the Louisville Metro Corrections union called Thursday for a vote of No Confidence in the director of the city's jail.

In a news release, Louisville Corrections FOP Lodge #77 President Daniel Johnson said Director Dwayne Clark has "exhibited indifference to the well-being of the sworn employees of this agency. He has blatantly disregarded complaints from Members of this Lodge pertaining to the health and safety of the staff and inmates of Metro Corrections."

The vote will come after what's been weeks of controversy inside the jail. Low staffing levels have led to massive overtime accruals. The police union hosted a "Corrections Crisis Labor Summit" public forum Tuesday at the Louisville Central Community Center. There, Johnson said there's around 150 staff vacancies.

"If you have a mother, son, daughter, brother, loved one inside our jail, they are not safe," said Tracy Dotson, spokesman for FOP Lodge 77. "They're not safe, not as they should be."

In Thursday's news release, Johnson listed a myriad of reasons for the vote of No Confidence:

Recruitment & Retention

  • Current staffing levels
  • Inability and/or unwillingness to recruit
  • Inability and/or unwillingness to retain

Health and Safety

  • Allowing sanitation to erode to a point that increases risks for staff and inmates to contract illness
  • Overcrowding of dorms while others are under capacity
  • Inmate security doors not functioning properly
  • Inability and/or unwillingness to maintain required equipment such as control room panels, elevators, intercoms, and radios
  • Lack of progress on ballistic vest concerns that were expressed
  • Lack of progress on radio channel access concerns that were expressed
  • Lack of concern for safety of staff and the public displayed by removing our first line of defense at the magnetometer in the public lobby
  • Not approving full radio access to police channels unless you are Administration or a “favorite”
  • Dwindling Home Incarceration Program staff
  • Running posts unmanned – Running the facility short staffed

Contractual Violations

  • Inability and/or unwillingness to fill special security jobs
  • Long standing unfilled promotional vacancies
  • Backfilling schedules
  • Pulling members out of contractually bided areas
  • Closing CCC without any consideration to members bids
  • Forcing Members beyond 16-hour contractual limit
  • Removal and now denial of every switch of shift request

"Director Clark has created a working environment unacceptable to all, causing morale to sink to an all-time low," Johnsons aid. "As a result, after bringing the above and the outlined information below to the attention of Director Clark, his Administration and other members of Metro Government, their answer was to incentivize an already overworked and understaffed workforce into working more overtime."

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