Corrections officers fired, resign when reality meets a reality show at the Clark County Jail

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel said Friday that five correction officers have been fired from his jail.

Another four have resigned. It's all after the reality series "60 Days In" aired.

The show put undercover volunteers into the jail to find out what was really happening behind bars. 

"It's just amazing what we were able to learn," Noel told WDRB. 

Cameras were filming 24 hours a day and caught everything from inmates defying authority to corrections officers breaking the rules.

"It's one thing if you made an honest mistake. We'll fix it and we'll learn from that mistake, but we, unfortunately, had a few incidents where it was blatant neglect of duty or it was criminal behavior that we weren't going to tolerate," Noel said.

The sheriff said 80% of inmates in the Clark County jail were there on drug-related charges. 

Lola Snyder was at the jail when filming took place. She was a real inmate and explained how drugs from the street and other banned items made their way into inmate's cells.

"Somebody outside who does it for them to get it in there. It could be from a guard from what I understand and I knew there was guard corruption that was a big thing too," Snyder said.

Along with exposing internal crime, Noel said the show made him aware of other programs that inmates need.

"It slipped through the cracks that we didn't have a narcotics anonymous class. So, we, of course, added that and that's helped out a bunch," he explained.

There was a second season of "60 Days In" taped at the Clark County Jail before the first season even started airing.

Sheriff Noel says don't be surprised if a participant's spouse makes an appearance. 

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