St. Xavier vs. duPont Manual
St. Xavier vs. duPont Manual

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After a duPont Manual High School football player tested positive for COVID-19, Jefferson County Public Schools said a team it played this week is now quarantined as well.

Before it learned of the positive case, Manual's junior varsity squad played in a game against Western High School on Monday. Both teams now have to quarantine for two weeks, and their next two games are canceled.

"Half a dozen to 15 games a week are being canceled across the state," JCPS Director of Athletics Jerry Wyman said.

The district said it's taking measures to prevent a further spread by quarantining the teams for the recommended two-week period. It's not clear when the player for Manual contracted the disease, but the team did play in a game against Eastern High School last Friday. JCPS said it has notified those parents.

"We have a letter that we send home to all the parents, and if it was an athlete that played in a game, we also notify the opposing team," Wyman said.

Manual was supposed to play a district game against St. Xavier this Friday, but that game is now canceled.

St. X Head Coach Kevin Wallace is left scrambling to find another game like he has already had to do twice. The Tigers' home opener was supposed to be against a JCPS school, but the district postponed kickoff a week later than other schools in the state.

Their game against Trinity, originally scheduled for two weeks ago, was postponed a week because of a curfew that was placed due to unrest in the Louisville community.

"I think the past couple events have probably been a little more frustrating because they've come out of surprise," Wallace said. "Now, it's like you're getting punched. You go on and you move forward."

He said his team is rolling with those punches despite how difficult this season has been. Wallace and his staff immediately began searching for a team who wanted to play Friday.

"We've had a team call us, and they're in a situation where they're supposed to play a red county team," Wallace said. "If that county is still red when the governor comes out with his new map Thursday, then we'll have a game here Friday night, provided Jefferson County is not red."

Counties are color-coded to denote their current COVID-19 status. If a county is in the "red" zone, guidelines from the Kentucky High School Athletic Association state it must stop athletic competition until the status changes to either green, yellow or orange.

The color is based on cases in the county per 100,000 people.

As more counties head toward the "red" zone, it's left coaches, administrators and players wondering how bad the landscape could get.

"That's a tough one to answer without a crystal ball," Wyman said.

As long as there are no more positive cases, both Manual and Western will return to practice Oct. 20.

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