Crews close 2nd Street, Bingham Way floodgates

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - After almost a full week of flooding, two more floodgates are closed in Louisville.

MSD had previously closed two other floodgates earlier in the week.

Saturday morning, MSD crews gathered at 2nd Street and River Road to begin closing the 2nd Street floodgate.

The large doors hang on hinges that make it easy for crews to push them closed. Before the gates could close, crews put posts into the ground that would eventually act as a stopper for the gates.

The process took about two hours. Once MSD finished closing the 2nd Street floodgate, another gate was pieced together on Bingham Way. This gate is pieced together like a puzzle and would be a much longer process than the previous one.

MSD will have a total of four floodgates closed, and a spokesperson for the company says she has not heard that any others will close.

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