Gavel With Scales

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Charges have been dropped against a man police say beat two men so badly they were hospitalized last year.

According to attorney John Harralson, an Oldham County Grand Jury returned a "no true bill" on assault charges against John "Tyson" Lane. That means there wasn't enough evidence for criminal charges.  

The incident took place in Aug. 2019 on Sleepy Hollow Drive in Oldham County. Police say Lane got into a fight with two men and injured them so badly, they were hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. 

"The witness called Oldham County Police where the defendant was seen dumping bodies of two men in a driveway in Oldham County," the prosecutor said, at his hearing. The prosecutor said one man was hospitalized and the other was on life support. "

Lane was initially charged with two counts of assault.

But Harralson at the time had a different explanation for his client of what happened that day. 

"They all have mutual friends from the Louisville Rugby team," he said last year. "The two victims were friends. They spend the day together on the river. The two victims had been drinking heavily. One of them strangled him while he was driving his car. It's not in the report. Once he got the car stopped, the fight ensued, and he won the fight."

The grand jury returned the "no true bill" decisions last week, and Harralson said the witness' claim of "dumping bodies" was borne from confusion.

"The eyewitness saw one individual suffer a fall and hit his head on the pavement," Harralson said in a statement. "This occurred after the fight. Accordingly, the reported serious physical injury seemingly resulted from the post fight fall, rather than the fight itself."

"In the chaos and confusion, Mr. Lane was unaware that anyone had fallen or was seriously injured," Harralson added. "Had he known, he would have put aside the immediate differences with the other two and sought medical assistance for his friend."

Harralson argued that the witness' claim that bodies were "dumped" is erroneous, and, "gives the misleading impression that unconscious persons were transported from one location and deposited at another. This never happened."

"This unfortunate incident was among three people who have been close friends for over 20 years," Harralson concluded. "Mr. Lane deeply regrets that it happened, but he bears no criminal liability. Mr. Lane wishes nothing but the best for his friends."

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