Criminals use ATM skimmers to steal bank account information in southern Indiana

Scammers cashed in by ripping information directly from Centra Credit Union ATMs in southern Indiana.

A skimmer was found inside the ATM on Veteran’s Parkway in Jeffersonville on Sunday, and bank employees said they found evidence skimmers were used at one on Hamburg Way in Sellersburg and on State Street in Columbus.

The credit union froze member’s debit cards if there was a suspicion their accounts could have been affected.

“What we were finding was that the criminals were using the member’s debit cards to access our member’s funds,” said Rick Stivers, President and CEO of Centra Credit Union President and CEO. “They're putting [skimmers] in remote locations. It's not at a typical branch location. It's one of the remote ATMs.”

Silvers urges anyone who used the machines over the weekend to monitor their accounts and contact the bank right away.

The FBI and Secret Service are now investigating.

Silvers said there are secrets to finding skimmers at your ATM. He said white glue-like residue around the card reader slot could be a clue there's a skimmer inside or if it’s harder than usual to insert your card into the reader. Criminals may have put a skimmer over top of the reader if it feels loose. There could also be a bar anywhere above the PIN pad and that could be a camera criminals use to capture your PIN. It could have a logo on it making it difficult to spot.

Silvers said bank employees even suspected the skimmer was on the ATM in Jeffersonville while they were searching for it and still had a hard time finding it.

“That's the interesting thing,” Silvers said. “The criminals are always trying to stay one step ahead, so we are constantly assessing what we can do, so we can try to beat them at their own game.”

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