Former employee of Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility arrested for alleged sexual misconduct

MADISON, Ind. (WDRB) -- A former employee of the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility has been charged with four counts of sexual misconduct involving residents at the all-female, maximum security center.

A graphic five-page affidavit reveals Kody Hale, 24, is accused of leading three girls— ages 14, 17, and 18— to the facility’s recreation center for “work detail,” immediately after a movie night. He instead took them to an office with no cameras.

According to the document, interviews with the alleged victims indicated “Hale coerced them into performing sexual acts.” They say Hale went with two of the girls at a time into a storage room behind the recreation center, while the third would serve as a lookout.

The affidavit says two residents witnessed Hale walking the girls back to their dorms, so he bribed them with “hygiene items, popcorn, gloves and socks.”

“It ends up being a betrayal of public trust,” said Superintendent Tim Greathouse with the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility. “We represent the state of Indiana, so anytime somebody betrays that trust, it is discouraging.”

Greathouse says the females involved are the ones who came forward and revealed what happened.

“Students felt comfortable to report to the front-line staff and that’s exactly what you want in one of these cases,” Greathouse said. “You can’t let one person derail what your mission and goal is. Our goal is still to keep these girls safe and help them on their issues and help them return back to society to be successful.”

Hale began working at the facility in June 2013 as a corrections officer. He was promoted to recreation leader in July 2015.

Hale was suspended on Jan. 21. He was fired Jan. 29.

The 24-year-old was arrested Monday at his home. He bonded out of the Jefferson County Jail on Wednesday.

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