LMPD's 4th Division targeted known criminals to seize 100 guns in 101 days

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- LMPD officers from the city's 4th Division seized 100 guns in 101 days during routine patrols. 

Lt. Jason Grissom was joined by Officers Jay Dolak and Tyler Blissett for the announcement at a news conference Tuesday morning. 

"We have accomplished this by focusing on known individuals who engage in gun crimes and the locations where they occur." Grissom said.  "On April 11 of this year, we seized our 100th gun on the 101st day of the year. As of today -- on the 115th day of the year -- we have seized 116 guns." 

Officers Blissett and Dolak are responsible for nearly 40 of those weapons. Dolak said his platoon is treating it like a competition tracking who can get the most illegal guns off the street in 2018.

"Guns kill people...I wanted to give back to the city that gave so much to me," Dolak said. 

As for how the guns are being confiscated, Grissom says it's a combination of action from alert officers pulling over suspicious vehicles, to responding quickly to armed robberies, as well as tips from the public and the city's ShotSpotter technology.

"It's kind of scary to know that there's that many guns out there," Grissom said. 

Data shows the need for the gun blitz. According to Louisville's crime mapping system 40 robberies and at least 3 homicides occurred in the 2 miles surrounding the 4th division headquarters in the first 3 months of the year. It's the same time frame as the blitz. City wide through the end of March there have been 65 shooting, four fewer than 2017. However, 23 of those shootings have been fatal and that's up four from last year.

Sadly, some of this work is in vain. WDRB investigations uncovered how confiscated guns end up back on the street as the state sells them at auction. 

"The potential that it can be used in a crime again it's frustrating," Grissom said.  

Nonetheless LMPD says this competition is driving down violent crime in neighborhoods like Smoketown, Germantown, Beechmont and communities around Churchill Downs.

Dolak said there's no prize for the gun blitz competition but winning save at least one more family the painful loss of gun violence. 

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