Louisville is close to surpassing the total number of homicides in 2014

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A murder Sunday night in the Russell neighborhood is the just latest in what is on course to be one of the most violent years in Louisville as the city is close to surpassing the total number of homicides from 2014. 

Police say they found Mark Wagner Jr. on the sidewalk near the corner of 24th and Chestnut Streets Sunday night. The 26-year-old had been shot in the head. He was rushed to University Hospital where he later died. 

"Tape, police, that was it. I didn't even try to go that way, I came straight in my house," said Latauya Bright who lives down the block. "Between 24th and 26th, it's getting -- it's bad."

Bright says what's been happening in the neighborhood lately makes her want to move. 

"We have children that we want to be able to come outside and play. We can't because we afraid at any point and time anything may happen to one of them," she said.  

In mid-August of last year, there had been 31 murders in Louisville. Compare that to this year, police there have been 52 criminal homicides so far. That's just three fewer than the total for 2014 at 55 murders. 

"I shouldn't have to live in fear," Bright said. "I shouldn't have to." 

Police are still searching for who killed Wagner and they haven't released any information as to why he might have been killed.

Investigators spoke to neighbors and searched for evidence Sunday night. It's a crime scene that was once again too close to home for people who live in this area. 

"Just to see them in less than a month back here in this same spot, something's wrong," Bright said. "Something's has to give. It's time to stop the violence." 

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