Louisville woman accused of assaulting former co-worker, kicking dog

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville woman was arrested after police say she assaulted a former co-worker, her dog and two of her family members. 

Police say it happened while the victim was walking her dog in August.

As the victim was getting into her grandmother's vehicle, 33-year-old Ashley Jennings approached her from behind, grabbed her hair and pulled her down to the ground, according to an arrest report.

Jennings allegedly hit the victim in the head repeatedly with her fist, and with the door of the vehicle.

The victim's grandmother and brother saw what was happening and tried to stop it. Her 15-year-old brother grabbed Jennings in an attempt to pull her away from his sister.

When the grandmother stepped in, Jennings allegedly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down to the ground. 

Jennings also kicked the victim's dog in the ribs, according to the arrest report. A friend of Jennings yelled for her to leave because police were responding, but she was arrested. 

The victim works and lives at the same hotel where Jennings also worked before being fired the day before the incident.

The arrest report says Jennings blames the victim for her firing. 

Police say Jennings had already been told to leave and stay off of hotel property by LMPD, but she kept returning. 

The victim suffered swelling to the forehead, soreness to the side and back of her head. The dog suffered tenderness to the side, and the 15-year-old brother suffered an abrasion to the arm and a cut to the lip.

Jennings was charged with assault resulting in minor injury and cruelty to animals. 

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