3 Louisville women charged after elderly woman found with Stage IV bed sores

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Three Louisville women are facing charges after police say they neglected an elderly woman in their care. 

Danielle Vanyur, 22, is facing charges of abusing, neglecting and exploiting her mother, Jennifer Bruederle. Vanyur is also charged with fraudulently using Bruederle's bank card.

The arrest report says Vanyur put $5,400 in charges on her mother's card. 

Also charged is 23-year-old Destiny Clark, described in the arrest report as Vanyur's girlfriend, and their friend, Paige Heavrin. According to the arrest report, the victim had severe bedsores, and the home was infested with roaches, fleas and trash, and the floors were covered with animal feces. 

The utilities were cut off and the house was in foreclosure.

Police say the victim was suffering from Stage IV bed sores that had become septic, causing her to be hospitalized. 

During their court appearance on Monday morning, the prosecutor noted that all three have previous convictions on their records. They all pleaded not guilty to exploiting an adult, abusing/neglecting an adult, and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Logan Abney lives next door, and told WDRB he was not surprised by the arrests.

“I think she probably was treated pretty rough inside the house, I don't know. Her daughter was not very nice to her,” said Abney.

Heavrin and Clark were released on their own recognizance, but Vanyur was ordered held on $2,500 bond.All three were ordered to have no contact with the victim.

“Jennifer wasn't that bad of a person,” said Abney. “It's just her daughter and people that she knew and brought into the house. They just didn't really care.”

Police said Bruederle is recovering, and now lives out of state with other relatives.

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