POLICE: Hodgenville man arrested after elderly women found in 'deplorable' conditions

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say a Hodgenville man was arrested after his 92-year-old mother and her twin sister were found in a home filled with trash and dog feces.

According to an arrest warrant, Adult Protective Services was conducting an investigation at the home of 54-year-old Philip Bradshaw, on Williams Avenue, near S. Greensburg Street, in Hodgenville, on June 7. Police say Bradshaw was the primary caregiver for his 92-year-old mother and her twin sister, who also lived at the home.

The warrant states that both women, who have "chronic medical and mental health issues," were "malnourished and had lost a significant weight." Police say the home where they were living was in a "deplorable" condition.

"I was also provided with photographs taken at the residence," a Hodgenville Police Department officer wrote in the warrant. "The photos showed feces and urine from a dog inside the residence. The bed in which one victim was in had a soiled mattress. The other victim's bed contained refuse and the living conditions appeared deplorable."

"The floor in front of one victim's lift chair was stained black," the officer continued. "Trash was strewn throughout the house."

Police say the women were unable to open the food that had been given to them, and were trying to use a knife to cut open the packaging.

The women were removed from the home and taken to Hardin Memorial Hospital for a complete medical workup.

Neighbors say they never would have guessed something like that was happening behind closed doors. 

"It really took me by shock," Suzanna Nall said. "Me, myself as being an elderly person I wouldn't want that to happen to me or anybody in my family."

Bradshaw allegedly told police that he was the primary caregiver because he had encountered problems with the previous caregiver. According to the warrant, he said she had been trying to take more money than she was entitled to.

He was arrested and charged with the knowing abuse and neglect of an adult. Bradshaw is currently being held in the LaRue County Detention Center.

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