POLICE: Louisville man says he was held at gunpoint, forced to steal Corvette

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police have arrested a Louisville man authorities say stole a Corvette.

Richard Goodman, 22, was arrested Sunday just after midnight on West Manslick Road.

Police say the victim stated he caught Goodman inside his car while it was parked on Arnoldtown Road. According to police, the victim was standing in front of the car trying to talk with Goodman.

Officials say Goodman started the vehicle, stepped on the gas and proceeded to hit the victim. The victim ended up on top on the Corvette while it was in motion, according to police.

The police report says Goodman drove through a metal chain link fence, which caused injuries to the victim.

Authorities say Goodman then took a turn which caused the victim to fall to the ground. Goodman then drove away in an unknown direction, according to officials.

Officers responding to the call saw Goodman driving the victim's car near Weisertown Road and Third Street Road. Police then tried to initiate a traffic stop., but police say Goodman drove off at a high rate of speed. According to authorities, Goodman then crashed the Corvette on West Manslick Road, causing damage to a fence and telephone pole.

Investigators say a $100 bill containing meth was found inside Goodman's pocket during a search. Authorities say Goodman claimed it wasn't his and that he had found it inside the vehicle.

After he was read his rights, police say Goodman told officials he had been inside the vehicle and used a tool to start it.

Police say Goodman also stated that someone held him at gunpoint and told him to go steal the Corvette.

Investigators say no one else was seen inside the car with Goodman and there was no evidence to support his claim.

Goodman faces several charges including robbery, possession of a controlled substance, fleeing or evading police, operating on a suspended driver's license and criminal mischief.

He's being held at Louisville Metro Corrections and was scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

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