RAW VIDEO | Jefferson District Judge Sean Delahanty orders deputy to take attorney into custody

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Things got heated in arraignment court Tuesday morning, when Jefferson District Court Judge Sean Delahanty ordered a deputy to take an attorney into custody. 

It happened during the initial court appearance of 24-year-old Charles Lewis. Lewis had been arrested Monday by Louisville Metro Police on a misdemeanor charge after allegedly giving police false identifying information.

The incident with Lewis's attorney, Robert Schaad, began when Lewis was brought before Delahanty. 

"We've got Bob Schaad in the house!" Delahanty says, according to video of the hearing. "What's Bob Schaad doing here?"

An off-camera voice can be heard replying, "Trying to get my client out of jail!"

"It's game-time Schaad," Delahanty says a moment later. "We're down to Charles Lewis. Is that you sir? Come on up here. We're going to work this around your lawyer."

After Lewis steps forward, Delahanty appears to become frustrated after what he terms as Schaad's delay in getting the case file to him.

Finally, Delahanty erupts.

"Bob, where is the case file?" he asks.

"I'm bringing it judge!"Schaad says.

"Well, you've got to stop doing that, Bob. Give the case fire to Ms. --"

"I will!" Schaad replies.

"--Right now! Right now!" Delahanty demands.

"Judge -- I'm doing it judge!"

"Right!" Delahanty says, before motioning to a deputy. "Come around here and get Bob Schaad. Come around here and get him and take him into custody."

"What?" an off-camera female voice says.

"Come here, please," Delahanty says to the deputy. "Take him into custody right now."

"Okay," an off-camera voice says.

"Your honor, I've done nothing wrong," Schaad says. "I, no. Judge, that is -- that is absolutely not acceptable, judge."

"That's fine," Delahanty says. "Keep it up, Bob." Then he speaks to a deputy: "I need you to pick up Bob Schaad and take him on that side of the wall. He needs to be taken into custody. I don't know if you take him that way. I don't know where you take him." Then to Schaad: "Did you give up the file yet, Bob?"

"Yes, I've given her the file, your honor!" Schaad says.

"You need to leave, Bob," Delahanty says.

"Your honor, I'm representing my client," Schaad replies.

"Take him out of here," Delahanty says.

"Your honor, I'm representing my client," Schaad says. "Your honor, I protest this. My client has a right to counsel. I've done nothing wrong, judge."

"Fine. Head that way Bob."

"Judge, I respectfully request that you give me an opportunity to represent my client," Schaad retorts.

"Not this moment."

"I have done nothing wrong your honor..."

"You're disrupting the court," Delahanty replies, as Schaad is led out of court.

"...and I will file a complaint with Judicial Retirement Removal Committee if you do this tomorrow!"

"Fine. Do that Bob," Delahanty retorts.

"I will do it..." Schaad shouts.

"Fine. Fine Bob."

"This is unacceptable judge!" Schaad yells as the courtroom door is closed. "This is unacceptable!"

After the door is shut, it is silent once again in the courtroom.

"That's what I said Bob," Delahanty says. "It's unacceptable."

A not guilty plea was entered on Lewis' behalf.

According to online court records, Schaad did not face any charges.

WDRB-TV spoke with Schaad by phone briefly Wednesday morning. He stated that he may have an occasional issue with Delahanty, but it is not personal, and Tuesday's incident was a matter he will deal with personally, between himself and the judge.

Additionally, Schaad said he not only thinks Delahanty is an excellent judge, but also added that he intends to vote for him in the next election.

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