Residents of east Louisville band together warning others of garage and car break-ins

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Residents of east Louisville are banding together to alert others of an uptick in garage and car break-ins

Signs posted throughout Woodlawn Park read, “You are being watched.”

“We do need to all be careful to lock our doors and keep things secure,” said Lauren King, who lives in the area.

Neighbors are watching with their own eyes and with surveillance video.

“The issue right now is there is a black truck that has been in the area, not just Woodlawn Park, but other areas in and around St. Matthews,” said Woodlawn Park Councilman George Langford.

Langford, who is also a retired Louisville Police officer of 38 years, is asking the community to stay alert.

“It's a crime of opportunity, especially if they see a garage door open, a gate open,” Langford said.

One crime victim said her garage was broken into despite locked doors and windows. Neighbors have caught the suspicious black truck on their security cameras around the times of the crimes and at all hours of the day.

“Because it is such a quiet neighborhood, you do kind of feel like, 'Oh, it's just us and our neighbors,'" King said. "It'd be easy to slip into that way of thinking."

Langford said it's important to watch out for your neighbors and make your presence known.

“Even if you're out walking your dog or in your front yard or jogging, [if] you see a truck or car go by, wave at them," he said. "They either think you know them or if it's a stranger, they're thinking, ‘Oh my God, they know me,' and they'll get out of the neighborhood."

Langford added that if you do notice something suspicious, the best line of defense is to call police.

“We do need to be careful, even though we do know our neighbors," King said. "There are always people wanting to take an opportunity to slip in when you're not looking."

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