TARC teams with Ky. AG's office to curb human trafficking

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- TARC and the Kentucky Attorney General's Office are teaming up in an effort to keep human traffickers from transporting their victims on public buses.

In a news conference Thursday, officials explained how they plan to train hundreds TARC employees to keep an eye out for victims. TARC has 15 million customers across Kentucky and Indiana -- and soon all the employees will have the tools necessary to help stop human trafficking.

Attorney General Andy Beshear explained that the training will involving teaching employees how to spot human trafficking as it occurs, and report it.

Beshear says trafficking happens in countless locations of the state, including bus stops. Traffickers often use the area to recruit victims, and use the buses to transport them.

Beshear's office currently has 15 open human trafficking cases this year and he hopes this new partnership will allow them to continue the work to eliminate human trafficking.

"The TARC staff are the eyes and ears of this community," Beshear said. "They travel across this city and see thousands upon thousands of people every day. They know what's normal in their route and they know how to recognize something when it shouldn't be there."

The partnership will also boost trafficking awareness with signage for over 200 buses.

Beshear says he is confident the new training will save lives and lead to arrests.

Training will begin on Oct. 29 for all current TARC employees, and it will become a part of training for all new employees.

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