UPDATE: 4 employees at southern Indiana massage parlors charged with prostitution

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) – A year-long investigation into a southern Indiana massage parlor has led to the arrest of two employees.

Mimi Kim Grech and Yang Sun Hall, both 61, are charged with prostitution.

According to Indiana State Police, the investigation into Evergreen Spa began in March 2015, when tips were received about prostitution at the massage parlor.

“Our detectives went in there and they were offered sexual favors for extra money,” said Sgt. Jerry Goodin, with Indiana State Police.

Affidavits allege investigators recorded two incidents in May and June 2015 involving Grech. The paperwork says Grech called herself “Hannah" and agreed, the first time, to $60 in exchange for “illegal sex acts”. The next time was for $50.

Court documents also claim in February 2016, Hall was recorded using the name “Sun” and soliciting an undercover officer for sex at a price of $60.

“People need to know, when they go to these types of establishments and they pay for extra sexual favors, it is a crime. They are committing a crime and they can be arrested for it, too,” Sgt. Goodin said.

Sgt. Goodin says the concern in prostitution cases is the spread of disease and the possibility of the involvement of human trafficking.

People who live and work near Evergreen Spa say they were not surprised to find out about the arrests.

“It was just kind of fishy. The door was always locked,” described Becky Hermann, who works next door. “When you knocked on the door, the lady who would answer the door was usually in a robe.”

“We shouldn’t have this because we’ve got kids and children. We shouldn’t have a prostitute in our area,” said John Fogel, Jr., who lives near the massage parlor. “I pray for the people, what they did. I pray for them, that they’ll get their act together.”

Indiana State Police say warrants have also been issued for two employees at another massage parlor in New Albany called Island Breeze. 

Investigators say 52-year-old Ying Zhang and 51-year-old Shaojie Yin offered sex acts for extra money. 

The massage parlor on Grant Line Road was open Wednesday night, so WDRB News went inside to ask questions. 

An employee greeted us, but there was a language barrier so she called the apparent owner.

That woman, Ling Song, said her business only offers professional massages. 

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