VIDEO | Woman arrested for attacking Louisville Metro Corrections clerk

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville woman was arrested days after authorities say she attacked two people -- including a jail employee -- at Louisville Metro Corrections.

It's an attack that caused even the director of the jail to admit that there are security lapses at Louisville Metro Corrections.

According to an arrest warrant, the incident took place on Sept. 30 at 7:30 p.m. Authorities say 18-year-old Indiya Dale was waiting in the basement of the Hall of Justice to visit with an inmate. 

While Dale was waiting in line, a jail clerk asked her for her identification, which is required before an inmate visit can take place.

But according to the arrest warrant, Dale refused to show her ID. Instead, authorities say, she began arguing with the clerk. As a result, the clerk told Dale she would have to cancel her visit. 

At that point, authorities say Dale attacked the clerk, punching her in the head with her fists as the clerk tried to get away.

Authorities say there were several other people in the visiting area, and some of them joined in the fight. 

One of them was another woman who tried to get in between Dale and the clerk. According to the arrest warrant, Dale grabbed a broom at swung it at the clerk, but hit the woman in the hand instead. 

The fight spilled into an adjacent room, with Dale turning her fists toward the woman who tried to intervene. 

Eventually, a Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy showed up and forced Dale to leave.

The fight was captured on camera. In that video, the clerk is seen being beaten by visitors to the jail, clubbed on both sides, receiving blow after blow. She is swinging too in apparent self-defense.

"She was attacked ... It was sickening," said Saulette Davis, president of AFCME 2629, the union that represents non-correction officer employees at the jail. "No one should have to come to work fearing for their safety. You come to work to work."

Davis said the employee has only been with Louisville Metro Corrections for seven months. 

In-person jail visits don't typically happen inside the Louisville Metro Corrections building unless the visiting party is a police officer or an inmates attorney. Instead, visitors come to the basement of the Hall of Justice and video conference with the inmate, who is located across the street, in the jail.

"Those people involved in the assault of my staff member and anybody else present down there will be held accountable," said Mark Bolton, director of Louisville Metro Corrections.

The jail has a well-reported shortage of corrections staff and a high turnover rate. Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies rushed to the scene from another floor. Bolton agrees that's a huge security lapse that could lead to safety problems in the future.

"I agree," he said. "I agree. Obviously. Watch the video."

The clerk suffered a large knot to the front of her head and had to be treated at University Hospital. The woman who intervened was also hospitalized. Authorities say she had recently had stitches placed in her hand, and the cut was torn open. 

Law enforcement was able to review the video to see Dale's alleged actions. They say she also left her ID at the jail before she left.

A warrant was issued for her arrest on Tuesday, Oct. 2, and she was taken into custody on Wednesday. She's charged with one count of third-degree assault and one count of fourth-degree assault. She is currently being held in Louisville Metro Corrections.

Bolton ordered a complete review of visitation security. The traffic runs highest on weekends, with up to 100 people per day and only one staffer to manage it all. But Bolton said change is coming.

"One of the things we're looking at is a new video visitation system that's internet-based," Bolton said. "Now, this isn't going to happen overnight, where people will be able to visit from home with an internet connection."

He's also looking at capping jail visits and putting a guard at those doors. It's too late to change what happened to the employee, but it might prevent a similar incident from happening in the future.

"She could have got hurt, you know? Killed," Davis said.


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