St. James Gate Bar

The incident reportedly occurred on June 19 at the St. James Gate bar and restaurant in Belmont, Calif., pictured. (Google Earth)

(FOX NEWS) -- A bar-goer in California has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after refusing to comply with a request to wear a face mask and then coughing on an employee's face amid the coronavirus health crisis, surveillance video shows.

On Sunday, footage was released of a June 19 incident that occurred at the St. James Gate bar and restaurant in Belmont on June 19, KRON4 reports.

In a nine-second surveillance clip, which has since been viewed over 10,000 times on Twitter, the anonymous woman was seen walking up to the bar and coughing in the bartender's face, before storming away.

According to the outlet, the customer disrespected social distancing guidance inside the San Mateo County venue and bumped into others in the bar area. When asked by the bartender to put on a face mask, she reportedly got angry and coughed on the man's face.

The woman and her friend were then booted from the St. James by security and the bar owner, per KRON4. The disgruntled customer is said to have "flipped people off and knocked over chairs" on her way out.

The bartender who was coughed on will reportedly be tested for COVID-19.

"She was just upset people were telling her she had to play by new rules," St. James bartender Misha Marotta told KGO-TV of the scene.

The incident occurred on the establishment's first day of indoor service, albeit with face masks and social distancing rules.

Employees have not yet filed a police report, per KGO-TV.

On Sunday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered bars to close in counties including Los Angeles, while recommending closures in some others, citing the spread of COVID-19.

Newsom's order affected the counties of Fresno, Imperial, Kern, Kings, San Joaquin, Tulare, and Los Angeles -- the most populous in the United States. State officials have asked at least eight other counties to issue local health orders closing bars.

Officials in Texas and Florida have made similar moves, essentially pausing parts of their states' economic comebacks as cases spike.

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