Deadly mock crash becomes eye-opening experience for Oldham County High School students

OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- Oldham County High School and area first responders put on a mock crash for juniors and seniors Friday to showcase the seriousness of dangerous driving.

As police, fire and EMS responded to the mock scene, students looked on with somber expressions as fellow classmates sat bloody in the wrecked cars.

“You might kill somebody. That's the reality,” one Oldham County High School teacher told students. “People might die because of the decision you make.”

In the scene, some students were injured, two were lifeless and one made what could be the biggest mistake of his life. Senior Mitchell Elwell played the drunk driver who failed his field sobriety test and was arrested.

“It's very possible that it could happen, so it's very scary to see our friends like this,” Elwell said.

Teachers and first responders hoped it will be an eye-opening experience, not only with drunk driving, but also distracted driving.

“Hopefully (it) make some sort of impression on them too,” said Maj. Keith Smith with La Grange Fire and Rescue.

This mock crash, part of Operation Open Eyes, comes just two days after a South Oldham High School student was killed in a crash on Old Lagrange Road.

“A lot of these kids maybe knew that person, and so maybe need a refresher to see this," Smith said. "Most have never seen firefighters extricate somebody from a vehicle."

At the end of the day, officials hope the teenagers realize they are not invincible.

“It gives me a better perspective on how intense and scary it might look, especially if you're in the car,” senior Adrian Navarro said.

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