CSX Train

A CSX train passes down the tracks parallel to Old La Grange Road, May 9, 2019. (WDRB Photo)

ANCHORAGE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The distant rumbling of an approaching freight train is a frustrating sound to many of the people who live off La Grange and Old La Grange Roads in Anchorage.

There, a dozen or more freight trains each day travel the CSX tracks — parallel to La Grange Road — to and from Ford's Kentucky Truck Plant nearby.

Jimmy Smith doesn't have a problem with the trains passing through, but when they stop on the tracks and sometimes block the crossing at Lucas Lane into his neighborhood, he and the others get frustrated.

"If I need to get on the Gene Snyder in 15 minutes, you know, sometimes it'll take me 20-30 minutes to get there, and I literally live a mile and a half away," he said.

Smith guesses the intersection is blocked about five random times a week. Each time, it causes a domino-effect of congestion.

"I'm all over Louisville, a lot of times, a lot of different times a day," he said. "That is probably one of the top-five worst congested areas during rush hour traffic."

Metro Councilman Markus Winkler knows the problem still exists to some extent.

"(CSX is) delivering significantly longer trains to (the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant]), and there's a safety requirement in terms of what they're allowed to pull into the train at the time," he said.

But he believes the problem has gotten better after a meeting he had with Ford and CSX in May.

"Credit CSX," Winkler said. "Whenever I see the issue, or somebody calls me about the issue, and we contact them, they're quick to remedy the situation."

Alison Malone agrees. But to her, better is still not good enough.

"I think that they need to try to do something a little bit more to make it more accessible for the people that live here," she said.

Winkler said he will keep tabs on the problem and said he is open to discussing a long-term solution if it's determined one is needed. 

He wants the neighbors to contact his office any time they see the crossing blocked.

CSX says it's also trying to remedy the problem.

"CSX strives to be a good neighbor in the communities where our trains operate. Our goal is to provide safe, reliable service for our customers in the Louisville area, while minimizing the impact our operations may have on the public," a spokesperson wrote in a statement to WDRB News. "CSX appreciates the community's patience and understanding as we work to improve the situation, and we are committed to keeping an open line of communication with our neighbors."

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