LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Spring break is here for many school districts in Kentuckiana. But with families headed out of town, experts said COVID-19 should still be a concern. 

"A lot of folks are deciding to travel and going to spots in Florida and spots in South Carolina," said Dr. Monalisa Tailor with Norton Community Medical Associates. "And unfortunately, us Kentuckians are not the only ones who have that idea. So a lot of folks are kind of congregating in these spaces, particularly Florida right now, and that has caused an increase in the number of cases in particular that Florida has been seeing."

Tailor pointed to COVID-19 variants that could be coming in with people from other states also traveling for spring break as something that increases the risk of a person getting the virus.

She said anyone traveling outside the state for spring break should continue following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines when away from home, including social distancing, mask wearing and keeping a small group to avoid bringing the virus home. 

The consequences of not taking proper precautions could be harmful and lead to surges in COVID-19 cases, Tailor said. That also includes people who are fully vaccinated.

"After you get your last dose of your vaccine, it takes two weeks to make that full immunity," Tailor said. "So, that way, your body can help you fight off that virus. And yes, you're going to be protected, but you could still carry this virus and bring it home to others how have not been vaccinated yet."

Tailor added that anyone who leaves the state should take a COVID-19 test a few days after returning home.

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