Downtown Elizabethtown continues boom with new businesses

Olive oil and spices, espresso and coffee drinks: it’s not a European market. It's downtown Elizabethtown.

Vibe Coffee and Herb and Olive Market are some of the first new store fronts in the downtown revitalization movement, according to Serena Erizer, who owns both businesses.

“We were pretty much the first to come,” Erizer said, adding that that wasn't a comforting thought. “It was scary coming into a dying downtown."

She landed a deal on rent from a local entrepreneur who owned several buildings downtown and was looking for an innovative tenant to help turn things around in the Elizabethtown square.

In the short time Erizer spent tucked away in the corner of the square, she’s seen businesses boom and luxury apartments sell.

“There’s a new restaurant down here, the craft brewery, the Dreamery that's coming, two new boutiques ... Take your pick of things,” said Krista Levee with the Elizabethtown Heritage Council.

The County Clerk’s offices turned into Impellizzeri's Pizza. There's the Swanky Shoppe, Serendipity, Raiment and Boon, Bourbon Barrel Tavern and even the Kentucky Basketball Hall of Fame down the street.

“I can think of 16 or 17 businesses that are new in just one year,” Levee said.

And Erizer plans to open two more businesses.

“Now we have been operating for a total of four years and ready to begin our next journey and open an ice cream shop and brunchery on the other side of the square,” she said.

Erizer said the square is still gaining momentum, and she doesn't plan for it to slow down any time soon.

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