SPENCER COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- With college application deadlines looming, dozens of local high school students recently learned their ACT tests have disappeared. 

Ed Colby, ACT Senior Director of Media and Public Relations, said 76 tests taken on Sept. 14th at the school, which is a regional test center, are missing. ACT received a package that contained testing materials, but the answer documents were nowhere to be found, Colby told WDRB News. 

Officials with Spencer County Public Schools said there were no problems on their end with how the test was administered. 

"We as a school district are adamant that this is an ACT issue and not a school district issue," said Chuck Abell, assistant superintendent of Spencer County Public Schools. "Once the ACT, or that test, is completed on a given day, the administrator will then take the tests and test booklets and place those in a sealed polymer envelope. There are two other individuals that are witnesses to that event, and (they) all are adamant that all protocols were followed appropriately." 

ACT sent a letter to students to inform them of the lost tests. The affected students can retake the ACT at 8 a.m. Saturday at Spencer County High School. 

Meanwhile, word has spread around Spencer County High School about the vanishing tests. 

"I know that a lot of people are pretty mad about it because that means they've got to go retake it, and a lot of people felt the test was really easy this time. So they feel really confident on it," junior Blake Purvis said. "So I know a lot of people were bummed about that."

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