Atherton High student arrested after bringing loaded gun to school

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A freshman at Atherton High School was arrested Tuesday after bringing a loaded .380 handgun to the school.

According to a note sent to parents, principal Richard Guetig said the school was "notified by a student that another student at the school may be in possession of a handgun."

"Our school resource officer immediately approached the student, conducted a search, and found a loaded handgun on his person," Guetig said. "The weapon was confiscated. The student was arrested and is being disciplined according to JCPS policies."

Allison Martin, a spokeswoman for JCPS, says the student is 16 years old.

In his letter, Guetig emphasized "how important it is for our students to continue to report any rumors or conversations they may hear about threatening behavior at our school."

"We must all be vigilant to ensure the safety and security of our campus for all students and staff," he said.

This is the fifth incident involving a weapon being found on JCPS property in the past month.

On Aug. 29, two Meyzeek Middle School students were disciplined after bringing BB guns to school. On Aug. 30, a handgun was found on the playground at Norton Elementary School. The same day, a Noe Middle School student was arrested after bringing two loaded guns to school.

On Sept. 7, two Iroquois High School students were arrested after bringing a loaded 9 mm handgun to the school.

"In each instance, our students or staff have acted appropriately to remediate the situation. The safety of our staff and students is at the forefront of everything we do. Our students and staff work together every day to make our schools safe learning environments for all students. If there is an incident at a school, it is handled with urgency, transparency and open lines of communication," Martin said.

According to data kept by JCPS, 95 weapons -- including firearms, BB guns, knives and other weapons -- were found in JCPS schools last year, resulting in nine arrests. 

That is up from the 64 incidents involving weapons during the 2014-15 school year and 67 incidents involving weapons in 2013-14.

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