2 Kentucky high schools implement college-based program

BULLITT COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- Area students are receiving their education outside of the classroom as two Kentucky high schools introduce a program that emphasizes a career after graduation. 

Bullitt East High School students learn in what looks more like a boardroom than a classroom. "If it was going to look different, then it needed to be different," Amanda Comstock said.

When the College and Career Center was built onto the school two years ago, Comstock and the former principal decided the High School of Business program needed to be a part of it.

"They're learning college level material as a high schooler," Comstock said. 

They're also earning college credit. The three-year accelerated program is hands-on every step of the way as students create a real business.

"They get the whole gamut of how to start it up, how to run it and how to liquidate it," Comstock said. 

From a school cafe to a t-shirt press business, they'll work with businesses in the area, eventually securing an internship. "They have an opportunity unlike 99 percent of high school students," Comstock said. 

"I really appreciate all that they've done to get us this program," Wil Rigdon said. "It's really helped me to open up and try new things that I didn't know I could do before."

"It's made me more sure of what I want to do in college," Megan Baer said.

"They see that being their own boss is possible and living their dreams is possible. So, I just want them to be a better, well-rounded person," Comstock said.

Schools have to apply and be accepted into the program. The teacher of the class has to have a master's degree in business.

Eastern High School in Middletown was the first to implement the program five years ago.

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