LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Most Mercy Academy students can't vote yet but it isn't stopping them from getting involved in Election Day.

"It's really critical they are engaging with the process," social studies teacher Abigail Kremer said. "They're in the AP government and politics course so they're really invested in the topic and I wanted a way they could still be involved in the voting and democratic process even though they can't vote for themselves."

Students spent much of the day at Seneca High School conducting their own exit polls.

The students created their own questions aimed at finding out what issues were most important to voters and how demographics may play a factor in how people vote.

Students will make election predictions based on the results of their poll and will have discussions on the trends they discover.

"It's important to look at the demographics of people who are voting in these elections," senior Sophia Rogers said.

"And it's also really interesting to kind of look at it with a nonpartisan perspective," senior Brenna O'Connell said. Coming out and just talking about voting in general, it's just really cool to see peoples' opinions."

Students participating enjoyed the opportunity and found many voters were willing to participate.

CLICK HERE for election results as soon as they become available.

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