Transitioning from summer to school mode 7-30-19

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) --  As a new school year approaches, experts say it is time to start setting that alarm and getting back into a routine.

School leaders say parents need to pay attention if their child says they really don't want to go back to school. Parents can learn a lot just by asking some simple questions. "Sometimes it's just a matter of they're just nervous about the unknown, especially if they're making a transition to a different school," said Dr. Carmen Coleman the Chief Academic Officer at JCPS. It might be typical back-to-school jitters. Or their lack of enthusiasm could be hiding another issue. Dr. Coleman suggestion communicating those concerns with the school ahead of time. "There may be something that the parent can even communicate to the school to say she's a little bit nervous, here's what she's worried about, i just want you to know, and that's a great way then to let a principal, a teacher know some ways they can connect right off the bat," said Dr. Coleman.

Experts also recommend starting new routines two weeks before the first day of school, especially for younger students. "Really the time is upon us to start getting mentally prepared, start getting physically prepared, knowing where we're gonna do our homework, knowing what our routines are gonna be before school and after school, suggests Chrystal Hawkins a family engagement specialist for JCPS.

As much as kids might complain about having to do jobs at home, give them a list of things they have to accomplish during a day, make a list together, what are some things you'd like to get done today and lets look at it tonight and see how you did," added Dr. Coleman.

Leaders also say not ignore back to school nights that typically happen a day or two before the first day of school. Those night can be an opportunity for parents to connect with other parents, and for kids to meet new classmates.

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