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SEYMOUR, Ind. (WDRB) -- Police in Indiana say elementary-age children are using smartphones to share nude photos on social media.

Seymour Police Officer Keith Williams, a school resource officer who trains parents on cyber safety, has seen some disturbing cases firsthand.

"Parents are really going to have to start stepping up and educating themselves on what their kids have (on their phones), because all they're doing is handing their kids a loaded gun," Williams said. "We've had elementary children trading nude pictures with each other. We've had some elementary children who had a group, a large group, and that was their whole purpose on Instagram and Snapchat was to trade nude pictures."

Police warn about apps like Calculator+. It looks like a calculator, but a child can type in a passcode and find access to hidden photos.

"Because parents are so intimidated by these electronics and by these apps and by it changing day after day after day, they're not being involved as much as they should be," Williams said.

Williams also warns parents to check for fake second Instagram accounts, known as "finstas." He said kids will share a PG-rated profile with their parents and create a different one to post inappropriate stuff to a smaller audience.

Williams encourages parents to remind kids that there's no such thing as privacy and to tell them this:

"This is my phone. I'm just letting you use it," Williams said. "I will look in it anytime that I want to. I will check your history. I will check anything I want to. That is our agreement before you put this (phone) in your hand."

If anyone would like to request Williams' cyber safety class, they can contact him at

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