Subash Ghale

Subash Ghale and his sister, Pratima. (Source: Christy Gordon)

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- On the shore of Freeman Lake in Elizabethtown, there's a special memorial for a special person.

Down a gravel path at the picturesque Freeman Lake Park sits a bench inscribed with words Christy Gordon truly understands: "The loss is unmeasurable, but so is the love left behind."

"This is a lake where he walked and ran around every day," Gordon said as she looked at the lakeside bench. "We spent a lot of time here together, actually. We would sit over there and watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July."

The bench and words are a memorial to her friend, Subash Ghale, who was shot and killed while working at a nearby T-Mart gas station nine months ago. On that February night, Shadrach Peeler, 36, shot and killed a woman just a short walk from the T-Mart. Elizabethtown Police said he then showed up at the gas station and shot three more people, including Ghale, the beloved clerk. After the shooting, police described the incident as a "murderous rampage."

"There's reminders every day," Gordon said. "Just driving through town, places maybe we had went. Maybe sometimes songs — music. Anything can just bring up those memories. It's a daily struggle."

Memorial Bench

The new memorial bench at Freeman Lake Park in Elizabethtown. (WDRB Photo)

Next week, Gordon will help officially dedicate the new memorial, which she says has layers of meaning.

First, it's a reminder of the cost of domestic violence, which she said sparked the incident that ultimately killed Ghale.

"It stemmed from domestic violence from another couple that affected innocent people — three people that weren't even involved," she said.

It's also a reminder of Ghale, her special friend whose spirit seems omnipresent in the special place.

The dedication of the memorial will happen at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, at Freeman Lake Park. Elizabethtown Mayor Jeff Gregory, a domestic violence prevention group and others will all be speaking.

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