ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Elizabethtown Police Department is expanding by hiring patrol officers for five newly created positions.

Chief Jeremy Thompson said the new additions to the force are thanks to the support of the city government leaders. He said the city council approved creating the five new positions, but the budget will not be available until January 2020.

“It is an exciting time, because when you can grow a department in today’s climate, it follows through on the promise we made to keep E-Town a safer community," Thompson said. “It’s an extension of the city’s growth. Now the department in that city is growing with that. It’s not cheap to hire a new officer ... That’s a big step for them to approve that for us.”

Thompson hopes to build a healthy group of applicants and do much of the administrative work now so that the officers can be hired and start training early in the new year. He said that it could take up to a year from now before some of the fine new patrol officers are on the street, depending on their level of experience.

Starting salary is $37,500 plus a $4,000 state incentive after completing the Police Academy.

The addition of five new patrol officers will bring the department up to 65 sworn positions. This allows Thompson to have some flexibility in the future.

“It may open the door for someone already on the department to maybe branch out into investigations,” he said. “Maybe something else. We’ve even kicked around adding another K-9 officer.”

No experience is needed to apply. The department is also accepting applicants for lateral transfers.

Thompson said he is happy to train anyone, but he said some qualities are necessities to apply.

“We just need you to have that willingness to learn, willingness to help others, service before self,” he said.

For more information about the position or to apply, click here.

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