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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Much of Kentuckiana spent Friday cleaning up damage after severe storms and two tornadoes rolled through Thursday afternoon. 

The National Weather Service said an EF-0 tornado touched down in northern Washington County, Ind., and an EF-1 in Jackson County, Ind., near Brownstown.

"We had two tornadoes touch down, but I don't think that tells the full story," WDRB Chief Meteorologist Marc Weinberg said. "Those wind gusts around the area were 70 miles an hour."

To put that in perspective, the threshold for hurricane-strength winds is 74 miles per hour.

Many areas on both sides of the river saw major wind damage. Roofs were ripped right of buildings, trees were completely uprooted from the ground, and power lines toppled over all across the area. Thousands of people were without power. 

It's important to take any wind damage to your home seriously.

"When you have winds of this strength, it's worth having your roof and your siding inspected on your home, because a lot of times, you can't see damage," Weinberg said. "And these winds are definitely strong enough to see that kind of damage."

Roofing companies across the area are busy doing inspections after the storm.

R&B roofing had crews out in full force.

"We're extremely busy," General Manager Scott Waldman said. 

It's not uncommon for their team to see some major damage after strong winds like these.

"You'll see roof damage, where sections of the roof will be removed," Waldman said. "You'll see siding pulled off the side — gutter damage from tree limbs hitting it."

Look for shingles flapping or on the ground, loose siding or damaged gutters. If you see any damage at all, Walman suggests having a professional come and check it out. The longer you wait, the more problems you can have.

"Damage that can happen on the interior of a house, once you lose shingles and water, comes in with rains and things that are coming in," Waldman said. "That interior damage is also important to handle, because then you can get mold and other things that can really affect your family."

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