LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's the start of summer and days warm up quickly and last longer.

“It is hot, and you can’t really do anything to cool down much,” said Louisville mom Karen Palmer.

For her and her son Charlie, scorching summer weather is nothing new.

“Trying to stay in the shade helps,” said Palmer.

Louisville’s humidity can take its toll, which is why she decided the perfect cool down spot would be the Waterfront Splash Park on Wednesday afternoon.

The extreme heat, while an inconvenience, is also a mental health concern.

The American Psychiatric Association links hot weather to an increase in irritability, symptoms of depression and an increase in suicide.

Asha Moorman, a Louisville-based mental health counselor and owner of Moorman Mental Health Services LLC, agrees.

“It can cause death,” said Moorman who says physical health is also at risk, especially for the homeless population.

“People pass out and die because they can overheat, heat strokes and all that kind of stuff,” said Moorman. “And if we don’t check in with them folks, provide like water or some protective clothes or even just a temporary place for them to go and get some shade that is what becomes an issue.”

Moorman says it's also not a bad idea to check in on friends and family to see if they are struggling with the summer heat.

“Checking in is first and foremost and then maybe, you know, bringing some resources,” Moorman said, while Palmer made sure to bring water, snacks and a plan.

“And try to stay cool,” said Palmer while trying to beat the heat.

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