JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- The man accused of killing his co-worker at Big O Tires in Jeffersonville claims he acted in self defense, but 31-year-old Jimmy Winters' family is speaking out against those claims.

In an interview only with WDRB, Karla Cain said she never thought her brother would lose his life while working at a tire shop.

"If it was an accident, he would have been killed by a tire iron. He would have been killed by something there in the business that he was going to protect himself with," said Cain. "This person made the plans, and he followed through with them."

Bobby Powell, 19, is charged with murder. He told police he shot Winters in self defense, but Winters' family doesn't buy it.

"I know that my brother didn't do this unprovoked, and that's what I want to stress to everybody," said Cain.

On the day her brother was killed, Cain said an argument with the suspect broke out, and her brother went home from work to avoid further problems.

"He tried to avoid the confrontation and was called back," she said. "He came back, and within so many minutes of him being there, his life was taken. To me that is not, under any circumstances, self defense."

Cain said Winters was called back to work three times before he returned.

"Evidently, there was another altercation and things ended up the way that they did," she said, adding that she didn't think enough was done to protect Winters.

"The minute (Powell) was seen with a gun on the property, they have cameras, they know what he's pulling out of his pocket. The minute they had seen what was being done on the workplace property, something should have been said, something should have been done," said Cain. "(Powell) should have been told to leave. If he was caught again, he should have been terminated."

When asked if she had a message for the suspect, Cain said the family wants justice. 

"I hope you pay for what you did. I don't think self defense is a plea in this matter, honestly. I think you provoked my brother. I feel for your family because they're suffering a loss as well as we are. But I just don't think that self defense is really what you had in the back of your mind."

After interviewing people and seeing security video, police determined the shooting was not accidental. Investigators are also looking into a Facebook post where Powell reportedly threatened workplace violence.

Winters' family says Big O Tires offered to pay $7,500 for Winters' funeral expenses, which is in line with Indiana's worker's comp laws.

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