Family of man shot by LMPD officer Wednesday night: 'no anger' against LMPD

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The man shot and killed by Louisville Metro Police Wednesday night was a church musician who suffered from mental illness, according to his family.

The family of Isaac Jackson says they have one message for the public, after his fatal shooting.

"The family has no anger -- no animosity -- or anything towards the law enforcement officers, and them in exercising their duties," said Tim Brown, Jackson's brother-in-law.

"We all wish that it could have turned out a lot differently, but given the circumstances and the nature of the threat to which the officers responded, this is where we ended up at."

Brown is a retired soldier and pastor who asked to speak on behalf of the family. Brown says Jackson showed up at his family's home near the corner of North 42nd Street and Parker Avenue and went on an unprovoked tirade Wednesday night.

"He showed up at the house...and was threatening my mother-in-law, father-in-law and brother-in-law, and they were trying to calm him down," Brown said. 

The family says they called 911 three times before help arrived. They say police unsuccessfully tried to subdue Jackson with a tazer before they resorted to deadly force.

They also say that, immediately after the fatal shots were fired, police tried to stop the bleeding and render first aid.

Body camera footage released by police shows the inside of the destroyed home. Jackson's body was found in the kitchen near the back door.

Brown described his emotions upon seeing the video.

"Very visceral experience to see that," he said. "From just the officers' perspective -- the danger they were faced with."

Brown says the 42-year-old suffered from mental illness, drug addiction and seizures -- and that the family had tried to get him help for years. He added that violent outbursts were part of a "repeated pattern" -- and that in order to seek help for him, his sisters had tried to do a mental inquest, which would have placed him in a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

"The last time he was in there was a hold, but there was no info that could be released because he was an adult," Brown said.

Brown reiterated that the family does not blame police for what happened.

"The police were professional and followed protocol," he said.

As for Isaac, Brown says he wants the public understand that he was a real human being, who faced real human challenges.

"As far as the side of the victim, we just didn't want him to be portrayed as some abstract criminalized abstraction," Brown said. "That was not the case."

"Forty-two-year-old Issac Jackson was my brother-in-law," Brown added. "Despite the circumstances, he was a son, an uncle, a brother, a cousin, as a human being."


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