Family says war veteran to be exhumed after Louisville cemetery makes grave mistake

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After 92 years of life, Nana Helene Dudley passed away, hoping to be reunited with her husband of 55 years.

“She died thinking she was gonna be laid next to my father,” Bill Dudley told WDRB News.

When Jack Dudley died in 2000, her plot was purchased right next to his. Little did she know at the time, someone was already buried there.

Only a couple days before she was to be laid to rest in that location, the family found out about the problem at Evergreen Cemetery.

“He said we're sorry, but there's been an issue with your mom's plot. It appears that in the 1950s ... and I stopped him right there,” Bill Dudley said.

He stopped him because he heard those exact same words nearly two years ago.

“First thing going through my mind is not again ... not again,” Bill Dudley said.

When he buried his niece, Bill Dudley was told someone from the 1950s was buried in the pre-purchased plot.

“They moved some things around and we finally got to lay her to rest," he said. "Not where she was supposed to be, but she was laid to rest in the vicinity where the family is at."

Now the same thing has happened to his mom.

While the company says it cannot discuss the situation out of respect for the family, it did say this:

“We're deeply sorry for the family's loss and for any distress this situation has caused the family ... We do take all client family complaints and concerns very seriously and are committed to resolving them as quickly as possible and to everyone's satisfaction.”

However, the solution to this problem isn't an easy one. His mom will now be buried next to his niece, and old wounds will resurface.

“They're going to dig up my father, if we get approval from the veterans. He was a Korean War and World War II veteran,” Bill Dudley said.

To keep the family together, his brother will also have to be exhumed. It's an anger that's so strong, he hasn't been able to properly grieve.

“My family does not want another family to have to go through this. The agony is terrible,” Bill Dudley said.

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