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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The government shutdown's impact has trickled down to food stamps. 

Those who depend on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, for groceries and food will notice a change when it comes to their benefits. The USDA is telling states that all February SNAP benefits must be issued early and must hit accounts by Jan. 20. This has to do with a funding lapse from the partial government shutdown.

In Indiana, about 585,000 people rely on SNAP benefits, which are typically given out on an alphabetical schedule throughout the month.

"We are going to go ahead and apply benefits for SNAP to Indiana recipients' EBT cards for February effective Saturday, Jan. 19," said Marni Lemons with Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration. 

Hoosiers will receive their January SNAP benefits as scheduled, and then can expect February's benefits on Jan. 19.

"We're asking them to be careful and make sure that amount lasts them throughout the month of February, because there will not be an additional distribution in February," Lemons said. 

USDA data shows more than 650,000 people in Kentucky receive SNAP benefits. The state says February assistance will load onto EBT cards by Jan. 20.

The funds can be used immediately but have to last all of February. If the money goes quickly, there are places people can turn to help supplement their benefits and get food on the table.

Dare to Care Food Bank has network of over 250 partners in Kentucky and southern Indiana ready to help.

"We already know that we're probably going to see people who might need a little more help in the winter months," said Annette Ball with Dare to Care. "With this news that there could potentially be some extra need, we are always trying to prepare for everything that's coming at us."

To find resources closest to you, click here and then click on the green "need food?" icon. You can also reach Dare to Care by phone at (502)-966-3821.

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