Fiancee of Frankfort homicide victim says suspect showed up to funeral

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The fiancee of a Frankfort murder victim says one of the suspects in his death showed up to the funeral. 

"It kind of pissed me off, to be honest. That you wanna go there and lie to all of our faces and show up to somebody that you took away from me," Hannah Gould said. 

Gould spoke to WKYT on Saturday. Gould's fiance, 22-year-old Jared Moore, and 24-year-old Dustin Johnson were shot and killed in late June. 

23-year-old Morgan Crutchfield, 18-year-old Bricelyn Leake, 28-year-old Rakiethieus Wesley, Juanita Durham and Leroy Love were all arrested this week and charged in connection with the double homicide. 

Police say the group was robbing a home in Frankfort when they shot and killed Moore and Johnson. 

Gould said Crutchfield and Moore had been best friends for 20 years, and Crutchfield showed up at Moore's funeral to offer condolences before he was arrested. 

"It's going to be a long process if I'm ever going to forgive any of them," Gould said. "I don't want revenge, I just want justice served. Revenge is not going to make anybody feel better."

Police have not said what role each suspect allegedly played in the murders. All five individuals are charged with murder and robbery. 


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